GUCCI The latest mechanical diving watch is launched in 4 colors, with an environmentally friendly material case and a hollow movement with extremely high CP value

GUCCI’s watch department decided to enter the field of fine watchmaking in 2021. Therefore, in the past two years, the brand has successively released a variety of stunning watches, such as hollow tourbillons, center-mounted tourbillons, moon phase watches, transparent case watches, etc. , many people began to slowly notice brand watches from this time, but what may be a bit surprising is that the response of GUCCI watches in the market is actually better than expected, or even much better.

According to the 2021 Swiss Watch Industry Annual Report released by Morgan Stanley and Swiss LuxeConsult, GUCCI’s watch products achieved sales of 253 million Swiss francs that year. This performance is enough to rank among the top Swiss watch brands. 25th, if you think this ranking does not seem very high, but in fact GUCCI is still ranked above well-known watch brands such as ZENITH and HAMILTON, so when GUCCI decides to enter the field of high-end watchmaking, their future is actually Very exciting.

GUCCI DiveOverview of diving watches, 4 colors, hollow surface and mechanical movement are very eye-catching

▲GUCCI’s new Dive diving watch is equipped with an automatic movement, and the case is made of biogenic plastic and stainless steel.

In addition to developing complex function watches, GUCCI is also actively expanding its product lineup. For example, they recently released the latest entry-level GUCCI Dive diving watch to meet market demand. Previously, GUCCI Dive mainly used stainless steel cases with quartz movements, but this time the new model launched by the brand was uniquely changed to a biosourced plastic case (the bezel is made of stainless steel), and an automatic winding movement was also installed inside.

▲Whether it is biosourced plastic or recycled steel, it is all based on GUCCI’s brand concept of promoting sustainable development.

The new GUCCI Dive diving watch has a moderate diameter of 40mm. The materials for its case, strap and other external parts are all based on environmental protection, echoing the sustainable development concept promoted by the brand. The brand released four color cases in one go, including translucent, matte white, blue-green, and moss green. All four models are paired with biosourced plastic straps of the same color as the case, making the watches look the same and visually consistent.

▲The multi-shaped hour markers on the dial are a major feature of the watch, and there are luminous materials on the hour markers and hands to enhance the night vision effect.

The dial has the signature multi-shaped hour markers of the Dive series, including GUCCI’s double G logo, stars and bees, etc., which are staggered into 12 hour markers. At the same time, a circular window is opened in the inner ring of the dial to reveal the mechanical movement underneath. structure, and the multi-shaped time scale ring is made of semi-transparent material, so the date ring underneath will not be nakedly displayed in front of the wearer’s eyes. The advantage of this is that the time display of the watch will not be disturbed, but at the same time At the same time, the essence of the mechanical watch is revealed through ingenuity.

▲The dual-material case ensures that the watch’s waterproof performance reaches 200 meters.

The back of the watch is made of stainless steel and has a sapphire transparent bottom cover. The waterproof performance of the watch is 200 meters, but GUCCI still chooses to expose the movement to let people have a glimpse of the dense parts structure. The movement parts have the necessary basic polishing, and the automatic disc is also Engraved with the brand logo, it looks quite elegant and elegant. The new GUCCI Dive diving watches are all priced at HKD 14,200. The entry threshold is relatively low. It is a good stepping stone for those who want to experience the charm of brand watch design and craftsmanship.


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